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The Extreme Collection jackets are 100% designed and crafted in Spain.
Our vision infiltrates every aspect of production from the exclusive selection of fabrics, trimmings, buttons, to the smallest details of each garment. We create unique and limited editions that are manufactured in our workshops in Toledo, where our craftsmen turn each garment into a treasure Made in Spain.

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  • USD 500.00 Product available with different options
    A jacket in a crepe fabric with a single button that deserves an honorable place in your wardrobe.

    During the creation of this garment we did a lot of tests until we found the ideal combination of cut, fabric and embellishment.

    The special mention in this extraordinary blazer are the animal print on the pockets and lapel.

    In The Extreme Collection we support quality, in order to gain back the old trades
    and skills that were being forgotten.

    We make very elaborate and loved pieces.

  • USD 580.00 In Stock
    Since we founded The Extreme Collection in 1990 we never stopped to create incredibe and complex blazers, which makes them impossible to forget.

    With this blazers, we decided to take the long way round: with nearly 10 hours of work in embroidery, with more than 200.000 stitches in 6 different pieces.

    We have suffered a lot to create this item: a difficult making, a lot of trials and a lot of patience to get the stripe effect on the lapel and sleeves..

    A very meticulous and complicated design with a cut inspired in
    the masculine tuxedo and buttons treated with matt black rubber.

    An absolute gem.

  • USD 450.00 In Stock
  • USD 475.00 In Stock
    An unbeatable, versatile and all purpose garment?

    We have it.

    A plaid blazer is not only a timeless fashion trend, but also your best ally in looks between seasons.

    With this blazer, that has a double-crossing tailoring cut, you have everything: A scottish tartan with 100% combed cotton velvet lapels and a chantilly lace frill in the sleaves.

    We love this jacket for its
    duality. The frill is removable, perfect for a special occasion and more casual if you remove it.

    The plaid blazer has entered a new dimension and it is now an every day garment.

  • USD 485.00 2 In Stock
    For seductive, complex, multitasking women with attitude.

    Impossible to ignore.

    Inspired in the 90s pret-a-porter collections.

    A tuxedo cut blazer with lapels in satin hand silk fabric and details inside in "jacquar animal print" and double buttons.

    A rhinestones brooch that can be used in other garments and matte rubberized buttons.

    The type of blazer with the power to change your mood.

  • USD 435.00 1 In Stock
    Last season, the swan neck blazer was a best seller: it fits really well, it is very comfortable as it has no buttons and it is a classic.

    This season, of all our proposals that our designers suggested, we chose the blazer Vega: an intense navy blue blazer, in double spun viscose fabric and crystal beading and hand applied studs.

    A matt-gloss combination we adore.

    We keep on supporting traditional tailoring, the recovery of old trades and Limited Editions.

    We are the resistance, with thimble and needle in hand.

  • USD 655.00 1 In Stock

    In this military style blazer we have applied this type of threat in the embroidery on the sleaves, neck and front.

    It is strong, extreme, striking, excesive.

    Not apt for shy women.

  • USD 538.00 1 In Stock
  • USD 499.00 1 In Stock
    A check jacket is maybe one of the few garments that everyone agrees: it is a key piece in any wardrobe.

    Besides the fact that it is very unconventional, we are filled with admiration.

    To this jacket in velvet neck and sleaves, our embroidery team have added japanese inspired motives.

    It is so expectacular and it fits so well that it will be one of the season's bestsellers.

    In The Extreme Collection we make garments that move us.

    Hand crafted garments very pampered.

  • USD 590.00 In Stock
    Even if each time we make more complex garments, our starting point keeps on being high quality materials and made in Spain garments.

    We are obssesed in making the ordinary extraordinary and to make accessible handcrafted garments made in Spain.

    Just like this frock style jacket: made
    with soft roma stitch fabric and confortable, so you don't need to take it off all day.

    In our workshops they have been working this woven branches embroidery with burgandy thread with mao neck in satin of the same colour.

    Fashion does not only mean to dress in the latest trend.

    Quality and craftsmanship is what we call accessible luxury.

  • USD 590.00 In Stock
    When you are wearing one of our garments you are supporting the slow fashion philosophy.

    We know that the environmental impact, the work conditions and the country of provenance of the garments influences your preferences.

    In this crossed frock coat style jacket we have used roma stitch fabric, as it is very comfortable and easy to maintain.

    We have added blue toned embroidery with pearls to sophisticate the garment and give it a handcraft plus.

    We are disruptive fashion, we break traditional codes.

  • USD 590.00 1 In Stock
    A unique focus on luxury velvet, glamourous and with a touch authenticity and antique.

    In this jacket, the sumptous touch of the intense navy blue velvet contrasts with the shine of the gold and pearl embroidered cameo matching with the epaulets of the shoulders.

    Two aged gold buttons close this extraordinary jacket on the front.

    A velvet jacket that gives an air of old Hollywood style to any outfit, which we cannot resist.

  • USD 590.00 2 In Stock
  • USD 590.00 1 In Stock
    The kingdom of the chequed blazer has just started.

    But...why is it so special?

    In case of this blazer, the cut is extremely complex: more than 120 pieces of 4 different scottish tartan of 4 fabrics.

    A kaleidoscopic mosaic of scottish tartan and embroidery of more than 30 meters of soutache cord sawn in patchwork.

    An eclectic mix of masculine inspiration and catwalk trends.

    It is enough to provide any outfit with elegance and that cool touch, which is so difficult to achieve.


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