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The Extreme Collection USA LLC was founded on October 2016 by Adriana Barrera, President, and CEO of the company.

After a life-changing trip to Europe, Mrs. Barrera met Jorge and Mariano Garcia Magariño, founders and fashion designers of the Spanish brand The Extreme Collection®. She grasped the brand’s potential and started a fruitful collaboration with the Garcia Magariño brothers, launching The Extreme Collection in the US and Mexican Markets in 2016. In 2019 Mrs. Barrera opened the first The Extreme Collection® flag store in US, at the Fashion Island mall in Newport Beach.

The Extreme Collection USA LLC continues to grow and its successful trajectory has led to new collaborations. The company is actually opening more stores in US for selling his exclusive brand.

The Brand

The Extreme Collection was born in Madrid in 1990 from the creativity of Jorge and Mariano Garcia Magariño. The Garcia Magariño brothers had a clear vision: to create an accessible fashion luxury brand, 100% designed and made in Spain. Their idea was to design women’s blazers inspiring to men’s tailoring, adapting that style to women’s body, reinventing the shapes and classic cuts, to achieve a modern gentlewoman.

The Extreme Collection’ goal is to enhance the elegance and style of each woman with unique pieces that make her feel confident, unique, powerful and beautiful. Our clients fall in love with of our creations again and again season after season.

The Extreme Collection is above all a love story between creativity and savoir-faire.

Made in Spain

We are pioneers and firm believers in sustainable manufacturing. That’s why all our limited editions and capsule collections are handcrafted in our Toledo workshops by expert tailors and embroiderers.

We are very proud to be part of “Moda España” association, that gives us the opportunity to raise the awareness of our customers and the entire industry about the importance of relocating production in Spain.


At The Extreme Collection, we defend traditional tailoring which is subject to very high standards in quality, with designs that our creative team reinvent every season. We vouch for a concept that defends the creation of sustainable fashion in Spain, with classic designs that will last over time.

The level of professionalism of our craftsmen is crucial for our garments’ production, as they are all finished by hand. Every Collection each style finishing needs at least 30 working hours

We have rescued old artisanal trades, such as traditional tailoring and the «knowhow» of the craftsmen at work.


At The Extreme Collection, we are pioneers of the sustainability in fashion. We protect our resources, the environment and we have a limited and controlled production.
We use materials that respect and do not harm the environment, as well as promote a fair and transparent supply chain: nothing we design and create is made in clandestine factories.

Everything is made right here in Spain, where we respect workers’ rights.

We focus on the quality of our garment more than the fashion trend of the season, creating classic designs that age well and are wearable season after season.

Sometimes it seems challenging to compete against fast fashion and the massive diffusion of sportswear and casual wear. Even though we strongly believe in slow fashion (ethical fashion): we create in Spain, our creative process is conscious of the impact it has in the environment, and above all, we take care of all our workers.


Manolo Blahhnik

In 2012, The Extreme Collection and the shoe designer Manolo Blahnik joined forces to create the capsule collection: “IT’S TIME”. The collection launch was held at the famous Wellington Hotel in Madrid.

La Perla

A new chapter was opened with the collaboration with La Perla: our totally unique collections combining the seduction of affordable luxury with Lingerie-inspired swimsuits.

David Delfin

The designer David Delfin created a Shirts capsule collection aligned with our aesthetics and designs. that contrasted with the most classic designs of our firm. Casual garments, made with printed messages like “Lovely Ali”, “Extreme girls work hard play hard” or “Extreme love”.

Devota & Lomba

Created in 1988 by Modesto Lomba and Luis Devota, the designers are defined as “the architects of fashion” for the volumes, timelessness, and minimalist style. Since 2015 we collaborate with DEVOTA Y LOMBA to create an exclusive collection that we present at the Mercedes Fashion Week in Madrid.

Nieves Álvarez

We have collaborated with the iconic model Nieves Alvarez to launch the capsule collection called “The Extreme Collection x Nieves Alvarez. A tribute to feminine beauty and elegance.

Pelayo Díaz

We created an outstanding blazers collection in collaboration with the famous Spanish Blogger Pelayo Diaz. The garments became an international fashion “must-have” and the most popular fashion blogger in the world, CHIARA FERRAGNI, chose one style for her closet.


2020 National Fashion Industry Awards

Queen Letizia of Spain presented the IV edition of the National Fashion Awards to The Extreme Collection as “the best Spanish Textile and Clothing Industry”.

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